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The BootStrap BS Support Center ( BSBSC ) concept is designed to provide its clients with online and local support and counsel in acquiring, growing and selling businesses.

About Me

Joe Sanfellipo, Founder, is a business strategist and integrated marketing expert. He and his team have built a $100 million chain of transmission centers (Gibraltar Transmissions) and other successful ventures in licensing and franchising, through which they sold well over $1B worth of products and services. Joe is the best-selling author of an award-winning book on trustworthy auto care. Mr. Sanfellipo was a self-made millionaire in his mid-twenties and appeared twice on the Oprah show for business success. He has also been featured in hundreds of newspapers and magazines (including Inc, Entrepreneur, Nations Business, and Success), plus numerous radio and TV talk shows.

From 2007-2017 Joe was a Principal of Global Marketing Resources, an international marketing and growth strategy firm with clients from beginners to billion dollar businesses. The firm has a team of over 100 full-time employees and specializes in web development, research, search engine marketing and optimization.

Mr. Sanfellipo is also Founder of The Street Smart Group, offering consulting services to a variety of industries, and author of the award-winning book, Street Smart Secrets to Auto Care You Can Trust. The book describes how to find a place to trust and how to make your business a place to trust by focusing on building long-term relationships with customers. The concept has wide application across many industries.

Joe has concentrated on finding ways to tap what he considers the most underutilized assets in most businesses, their customers and marketing potential. One of his passions for over 30 years has been developing systems to maximize the potential of businesses, for example, by building

relationships instead of transactions and using a variety of creative methods of adding value in an existing business by repositioning advertising and marketing dollars and direction.

Mr. Sanfellipo got street smart at an early age, starting his first business at 18 and buying his first nothing down business at 22. That business made him a millionaire when he increased its sales ten-fold in three years.

Mr. Sanfellipo is a franchising expert. As Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Gibraltar Transmission Corporation, he was directly responsible for building the company from 5 Long Island units into a national firm with over 100 franchises. He developed and wrote the franchise marketing and training materials and created successful television advertisements which took the company to the top position in several markets.

As a Director and consultant to Las Vegas Discount Golf and Tennis, he conceived and established the concept of growth via franchising and public investment capital. He structured the entire franchising program resulting in a professional franchise corporation which grew from a pilot store in Las Vegas into a publicly traded international franchisor with locations in Japan, Europe, and throughout North America, with system-wide sales in excess of $70 million.

Mr. Sanfellipo was Co-Founder, Director and President of The O! Deli Corporation, a publicly traded national franchisor of office building food service, which grew to more than 50 franchises before being sold to Pacific Equities. As President, he was responsible for creating and rollingout the franchise program.

Joe has been a consultant to many well-known companies as a confidential behind-the-scenes expert on direct marketing, acquisitions and creative growth strategies. Clients have included domestic and international public and privately owned manufacturers, distributors, real estate developers, franchisors and a wide range of automotive related businesses.

Mr. Sanfellipo has served on the California Senate Select Committee on Small Business Franchise Development Task Force.

His lectures, seminars and guest appearances have included presentations at business groups, trade associations, colleges, SBA functions, Harvard Business School Entrepreneurs Conferences and a variety of entrepreneur gatherings. Over the years, he and his companies have been featured in hundreds of newspapers, magazines (Inc., Success, Entrepreneur, Nations Business, etc.), plus local and national radio and tv shows, including two appearances on Oprah.

A partial list of his speaking topics:

▪ “How to Franchise Your Business”
▪ “How to Operate a Business as a Franchise”
▪ “What to Look for in a Franchise Investment”
▪ “How to Attract and Keep Customers in a Service Business”
▪ “How to Create a Successful Sales Program”
▪ Major television and radio shows, including two appearances on Oprah Winfrey discussing business success
▪ Featured in hundreds of newspapers and business magazines, including Entrepreneur, INC., Nations Business and Success
▪ Frequent guest author in business publications, including Franchise Update, Guide to Franchise Opportunities, and more.
▪ “How to Buy, Start, Grow and Exit a Business Without Cash Credit Collateral, or Contacts.

Joe Sanfellipo

CEO & Founder Bootstrap BS

Where does an entrepreneur or would-be business buyer get help in acquiring and succeeding with a business?

At any given time 10 million Americans are involved in the process of starting a business. The process is usually driven by a series of reactions to information gathered during the various interactions, instead of by a proactive, planned acquisition strategy. Business brokers estimate that over 90% of the people who buy businesses don’t buy the business they inquired about.

When a buyer is looking for a business, they usually get most of their information from someone that is trying to sell them an existing business or a franchise opportunity. These sources of information, while perhaps being helpful, are paid for the sale, whether the buyer ultimately succeeds with the business or not. Unless the buyer is interested specifically in the type of opportunity the seller represents, this source is of little help and is most likely not objective.

Why do so many business owners fail?

Most of the time the process of finding an opportunity is the result of responding to the best sales presentation by a seller of new opportunities (franchising, network marketing, biz brokers) or believing (true or not) the story of an existing business owner. The end result is often disastrous if an uninformed buyer reacts to the persuasive skills of someone who earns money based on the buyer completing the transaction, whether it’s a good decision for the buyer or not.

There is a tremendous need for a buyer advocate whose interest is best served by helping people make the decision about whether or not they are right for business ownership and, if so, what kind of business is best for them. If the advisor is focused on the long-term success of the buyer, rather than a fee for the sale, the advice is much more likely to be in the buyer’s best interest.

Our concept is to recommend that anyone going into business should be a lifelong learner. From the seed of an idea of going into business through all of the stages until the buyer ultimately exits, there are stages and steps that need professional attention.

We want to be the first choice for products and services to support entrepreneurs through all the business stages. Because everyone has different business needs, we offer a relatively risk free way to pick and choose from a menu of carefully selected and guaranteed products and services.

Our program is a free subscription to our online newsletter and then a low cost monthly membership that includes valuable services every entrepreneur needs, along with a reasonably priced menu of support products and services that may or may not be available to the entrepreneur anywhere else. For example, if a member of our network decides to join a restaurant franchise, they may get all or most of the support they need to run a restaurant from the franchisor. However, if they later decide to diversify and want to explore buying a different, non-competing business, that restaurant franchiser is not likely to be helpful. Our members have access to advice and help to make decisions from our network experts with no risk or obligation.

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